Meet Pastor Nigel Marsh

Born in Lower Gornal, being raised in a Christian home Pastor Nigel Marsh attended Upper Gornal Pentecostal Church. At the age of 9, he gave his life to the Lord. However during his teenage years, Pastor Nigel drifted from the Church.

In 1996 Pastor Nigel came back to the Lord and within six months he had been on his first overseas mission.

Pastor Nigel worked in industry for 16 years, before moving to Christ for All Nations. He became the Partner Support Manager, serving for 11 years.

Pastor Nigel then served at Gateway Christian Centre and during his 11 year service, was appointed as Assistant Pastor in 2015.

During the past 23 years, Pastor Nigel has served the Lord faithfully in St Paul's Church as an Elder and at the Gateway Christian Centre as an Elder and Assistant Pastor.

Being Obiedient to the call of God, in December 2018 Pastor Nigel and his family moved to Eve Lane to serve as Pastor, where Pastor Nigel's story continues at Upper Gornal Pentecostal Church.